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A user-friendly program that helps you translate subtitles (SUB or plain text file format) from one language to another, while offering support for editing operations

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Subtitles Translator is an application that assists users in translating subtitles from one language to another. It deals mainly with the MicroDVD format (.SUB), but it can also process text files.

How it works

Before you get your hopes up and think that there’s some kind of magic in this application, you should know that the translation is based primarily on your efforts and language knowledge.

The program offers formatting options and frame numbering, but is not a translator in itself. Even so, there are some advantages to Subtitles Translator that are not that easy to come across in such applications.

The advantages of being portable and GUI

There’s no installation process; just decompress the archive and launch it. The interface is quite standard, yet compact and user-friendly. There are two panels populating the main window: one for the original file and one for the translated text and a few menus that include a selection of options.

Editing operations

Usage is not complicated but not a piece of cake either. As such, beginners should check out the help file first, to get acquainted with all the features. There’s something awesome about Subtitles Translator – the fact that it allows you to perform line-by-line editing. This means that there’s no way the translation is going to be delayed; by translating one line at a time, there can’t be any synchronization issues between the original subtitles and the output ones.

Extra features to play with

Other options include insert / remove / merge lines, find / replace / cut / copy and line renumbering. In addition, the translations can be previewed directly inside movies via the ‘Enable Display’ feature. As far as configuration is concerned, you can customize the appearance of the interface, subtitle display, various keyboard shortcuts and autosave function.

Bottom line

In conclusion, Subtitles Translator offers a reliable software solution for helping you create your own subtitles. However, you should keep in mind that you’re the translator and not the application.

Subtitles Translator was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 9th, 2014
Subtitles Translator - Subtitles Translator will help you quickly and easily create subtitles for your moviesSubtitles Translator - Users will be able to separately manage their original subtitles as well as their translated ones within the File menuSubtitles Translator - The Edit menu will provide users with line functions, expert mode capabilities or go to frame number optionsSubtitles Translator - screenshot #4Subtitles Translator - screenshot #5Subtitles Translator - screenshot #6Subtitles Translator - screenshot #7Subtitles Translator - screenshot #8Subtitles Translator - screenshot #9Subtitles Translator - screenshot #10

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