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A multiplexer / demultiplexer / converter tool for TS streams

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The MPEG-2 TS format or TS for short is a popular video format primarily used in broadcast systems and is specific to digital camcorders. Converting TS files to other video formats will enable you to enjoy your clips on your preferred media player as well as any other media device of choice.

TSConverter was designed for more than that, providing the means to encode TS videos to a Windows native format, namely DVR-MS, which is easily playable on Windows Media Player for instance, but more importantly, it allows converting to high definition 720p/1080p and 5.1 audio. This means that the result will be of superior video and audio quality, no significant losses involved.

The supported input file formats don’t make an impressive list and neither do the output formats. It all comes down to a few options, namely: TS, TP, MPG and DVR-MS. Aside from converting between these formats, TSConverter will also enable you to make use of the built-in transport stream demuxer (Raw video + Raw/Riff audio).

TSConverter doesn’t restrict you to converting an entire video file, but offers you the possibility to trim the clip to a specific segment you want to focus on. For a more advanced configuration, you can always access the Options section, where you can set up the audio and video filters, as well as the multiplexer and the AC3 analyzer, which is essential for the output audio result (it plays an important role in compensating the jitter).

TSConverter does its job impeccably and in a quite short amount of time. It’s a matter of a couple of minutes between a TS video and a DVR-MS file, not to mention the fact that quality losses are cut to a minimum. The automatic and threaded indexer, together with the built-in scene cutter makes it the perfect choice for the regular user, as well as for content producers who seek to create multi-channel audio WMVHD titles.

TSConverter was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on December 5th, 2011
TSConverter - This is the main window of the application where you can view the selected video.TSConverter - From the File menu of the software, you can choose to load a MPG file.TSConverter - By accessing the Control menu, the user is able to launch the Options window.TSConverter - If the users want to change the Output folder, they need to access the Options window.TSConverter - screenshot #5TSConverter - screenshot #6

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