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User-friendly and powerful tool that helps you easily synchronize your movie subtitles, split and merge them, as well as repair damaged files

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Here's a pretty common scenario: you have a great movie you want to watch, but it has a poorly written and / or synchronized subtitle. It destroys the entire atmosphere. In this case, a nifty application such as Time Adjuster helps you easily correct the problems.

Simple operations

Time Adjuster is simple to work with, whether you are a beginner or a hardcore user. It also supports several language packs. What you have to do is open the subtitle you wish to modify, and synchronize it with the video.

Different sync modes and supported file formats

Synchronization can be done either manually, by inputting the time of the text portion, or by loading the video file and pointing out the time frame.

Unfortunately, Time Adjuster doesn't support many video file types, except for AVI, QT, MOV, and M1V. Navigating through the subtitles is simplified, as the Time Adjuster splits the text file in half.

Splitting and merging options

In addition, you can divide a file or join two of them. This is very practical if you have one subtitle file, but your movie is divided into two parts (or vice versa). Plus, you can add a stamp-line to the output file (at the beginning, ending of file, or both).

Time Adjuster also has a function that enables you to repair files that came damaged upon downloading them off the Internet. This doesn't always work but it's certainly an added bonus.

Performance and final thought

Working with this program is a real pleasure. It uses minimum CPU and memory resources, and it didn't jam or crash even once. In conclusion, if you want the simplest way possible to correct your poorly synchronized subtitles, then Time Adjuster is the perfect tool for you.

Time Adjuster was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 9th, 2014
Time AdjusterTime AdjusterTime AdjusterTime AdjusterTime AdjusterTime AdjusterTime AdjusterTime Adjuster

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