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A comprehensive application that repackages the container for high-definition H.264/x264 video and 5.1 audio contained in MKV files

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XenonMKV is an utility designed to help you convert MKV files into MP4 format in a few simple steps.

The application only re-encodes the audio and not the video. This way, the exported file is in an H.264 container that can be correctly understood by devices such as Xbox 360. Since the mentioned console can’t play videos that are larger than 4GB, the application enables you to split a given file into multiple pieces that can then be read by the device.

XenonMKV displays a user-friendly interface that makes it accessible and practical. To convert a file you simply choose the source and destination folders and then click “Start”. Apart from single files, you can also choose to convert an entire folder that contains MKV files. While the conversion process is underway, the application displays a complete log of all the actions it performs.

Besides an efficient 3 step task, XenonMKV also offers you a decent amount of settings which can help you make sure that the newly created file runs on most if not all devices. Working with large files can seriously slow down your computer and for this reason the application allows you to choose a scratch disk location where the temporary data is stored. This way, you can appoint the emptiest partition on your computer and make sure that the conversion is done in the least amount of time.

Apart from that, you are also given the possibility to choose a custom display aspect ratio, set the dynamic range compression for the AC3 decoder and choose the output quality from the AAC encoder. Since the conversion process is at first a trial and error approach, when you get the settings just right you can save them for later use.

In closing, XenonMKV is indeed a reliable and efficient solution if you want to convert MKV movies to MP4s and play them o a variety of multimedia devices.

XenonMKV was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on December 14th, 2013
XenonMKV - XenonMKV will help you repackage high-definition H.264/x264 video and 5.1 audio contained in MKV filesXenonMKV - The Tools menu will provide users with enable MP4 in Media Player, delete temporary files or allow network path optionsXenonMKV - Users will be able to access options such as file splitting, scratch location or Xbox 360 file compatibilityXenonMKV - screenshot #4XenonMKV - screenshot #5XenonMKV - screenshot #6XenonMKV - screenshot #7

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