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This lightweight and intuitive software solution allows users to merge files then save them to common audio or video formats such as MPEG, WAV, MOV, MP3, AVI and WMV

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If you want to create a playlist for your friends and make sure they listen to it in a specific sequence or if you want to watch your favorite TV series and make sure you don't mix their order while doing so, then merging all these files is the solution.

Here is where 123 Audio Video Merger might com in handy. It puts together similar files and merges them into a bigger, continuous file. You can use it for both your music files, such as MP3 or WMA, or for your videos, the application supporting AVI, MPG or MPEG to mention just a few.

The interface is simplistic and intuitive: you can either drag and drop files to the main window or use the menus to load as many audio or video files as you need. After adding them, you can easily rearrange their order and even preview them, just in case you want to make sure you got the right files.

All you have to do now is merge them, and in no time at all you get the container file ready for use. We have to mention that 123 Audio Video Merger ONLY merges files of the same type and can not be used to put together audio and video files or MP3 and WMA, for example.

While testing, we had a few problems trying to merge video files. So before deciding to merge video and even audio files, make sure that they have not only the same extension but similar characteristics, such as bit rate, frame rate or resolution.

If you need an audio or video merger for your media files, give 123 Audio Video Merger a try and it see what it does for you.

123 Audio Video Merger was reviewed by Ciprian Paius
Last updated on December 22nd, 2011
123 Audio Video Merger - Files can be added by navigating to their location or by dragging and dropping them into the application's main window.123 Audio Video Merger - The application allows users to merge video or audio files and provides keyboard shortcuts for is mos accessed functions.123 Audio Video Merger - Users can play audio and video files before combining them or they can open the resulting merged track.

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