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Restore the header of corrupted AVI files by copying it from a similar AVI container file hosting a video stream having the same resolution

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AVI Repair Tool provides you with a very simple tool to help you quickly and easily mend your unfinished AVI video files that result every time the capture process ends prematurely.

With AVI Repair Tool, you cannot just load up the corrupted file and repair it on the spot. You need a second video file that holds a similar stream in specific terms. Although AVI files are less popular, they used to rule the community not many years ago.

Whenever you are facing a sudden death of the capturing process, the output AVI file still holds the contents that were injected into the container as the operation was in full effect. The thing with AVI files is that, upon completion, the application would then right the header of the file, thus finishing the entire procedure.

AVI Repair Tool requires a few easy steps from you to have your corrupted AVI file up and running in the least of time. Although pretty accurate, the program can sometimes misbehave and totally ruin your provided corrupted file to a point where there is no turning back.

This calls for a backup and since you already finish up this first part of the process, you can now select the source file for AVI Repair Tool to take and copy its header to the corrupted one. Please be advised that you need a file that contains a video stream matching the same resolution and the exact or above number of frames.

The bottom line is that AVI Repair Tool can prove to be a real life saver if the operation concludes and the corrupted file is, indeed, repaired. Unfortunately, this does not work every single time and that is the real problem with AVI Repair Tool.

AVI Repair Tool was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on November 18th, 2013
AVI Repair Tool - The main window of the program allows you to select the source and the corrupted file in order to perform the repair.

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