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This application will help you create, modify or manage your subtitles

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If your DVD player has troubles loading a SRT subtitle file or you are not pleased with the way the SRT file is handled, AVIAddXSubs might provide you with the solution. It can basically convert the SRT and the AVI movie file to a XUB format. Alternatively, it can change the SRT to a pair of IDX / SUB subtitle files that can be read by most movie players.

The XUB encoding uses bitmaps as subtitles so they will integrate perfectly in the video stream and provide quality playback. Rest assured that this does not alter the image quality or permanently burn the subtitles into the image, so you can deactivate the subtitles or change to a different language.

The conversion process takes from a few seconds up to a few minutes, depending on the media file size. All you have to do is indicate the directory for the source AVI and SRT files and the application gets to work, providing at the end of the operation with a a new DIVX file, ready to run on your DVD player.

The alternative is to create a pair of IDX / SUB subtitles out of your SRT file. This proves even more useful since the pair is not restricted to usage with AVI files. Since it is not incorporated in the video, MKV or MP4 media containers can also use the new subtitle for playback.

The conversion works quite easy and the developer makes available three different approaches to this. You can use the browser from the program's interface, drag and drop the files straight into the application or enable and use the right click menu. You can customize up to eight different configurations to convert the subtitles and perform some more actions while doing so.

The subtitle text can be rearranged and you have the possibility to choose the character set and the language code, the font type, size and color as well as the alignment in case you run multiple subtitles. Moreover, AVIAddXSubs provides useful options such as delete the original files, move the SRT to output directory or start the playback as soon as the conversion is done.

The fact that the software allows you to alter the subtitle timing by adjusting time shift or duration, and that it comes with three separate applications for renaming subtitles, creating SRT files out of IDX / SUB pairs, or adjusting bit-rate, recommends AVIAddXSubs as a reliable and complex subtitle converter.

AVIAddXSubs was reviewed by Ciprian Paius
Last updated on April 21st, 2014
AVIAddXSubs - AVIAddXSubs will provide users with an application that will help you create, modify or manage your subtitlesAVIAddXSubs - The `Configuration 1` tab section will offer a list of options such as Rearrange Subtitle Text or Subtitle BitmapAVIAddXSubs - Users will be able to access options such as Mark DivX as or Chapter every x minutes within the `Configuration 2`

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