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A utility that can mux up to three [srt/sub/txt(microdvd) or vobsubs] subtitle streams on an avi file

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AviSub is a simple, yet reliable utility designed to mux multiple subtitles (up to three) on a single AVI file and convert it to DivX / XviD format. The generated movies can be played on various DivX 6 compatible players.

If you were ever in a situation that involves having movie collections in AVI format, but want to watch it on your DVD player with subtitles, you know that it’s impossible to accomplish this without the assistance of specialized software.

AviSub is one of them and has the advantage of being easy to handle. There’s no installation process involved, meaning that you can carry the application on a removable device and run it without affecting the system’s registry.

In addition, the interface of the application is compact and simple, easy to understand and navigate through. Usage is not complicated either – select the AVI file of interest and the adjacent subtitle (in SRT, TXT or IDX format), after which you can adjust font settings (charset, outline, style and size) and the language.

In case the subtitle doesn’t load correctly, you are notified accordingly. In most cases, SRT issues are related to the font’s size and picking a smaller font solves all the problems.

If all goes well and everything is into place, you can start generating the output file. Conversion takes just a few minutes to finish and the results are indeed, as expected.

In conclusion, AviSub is an awesome choice if you need to insert subtitles into AVI movies and get them ready for your DVD player. Its most cherished qualities are simplicity and ease of use, which makes the application accessible to all user categories in the audience.

AviSub was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 18th, 2013
AviSub - AviSub will provide users with a utility that can mux up to three [SRT / SUB / TXT (microDVD) or VOBsubs] subtitle streams on an AVI fileAviSub - Users will be able to select from options such as Normal, Bold, Italic, Underline or StrikeOut within the Font Style menuAviSub - The Font Charset menu will offer a list of various options like ANSI, Arabic, EastEurope, Hebrew, Russian or ThaiAviSub - screenshot #4

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