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Recover your videos from scratched DVDs with this tool.

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Get My Videos Back is a freeware utility created to recover videos from damaged discs, be they CDs or DVDs.

We've seen many similar solutions, but as compared to all of these, Get My Videos Back is aimed at rookies and professional users alike, relying on what can be very well considered a basic interface.

Although filled with information, the GUI requires only minimum user input, as you are initially required to pick the source file and the output location.

Get My Videos Back can work with both audio and video files from scratched or damaged CDs and DVDs, at least as long as your optical drive manages to read the disc.

Once the process begins, the app shows the number of copied bytes, errors, original size, skipped bytes, elapsed time and speed, with an overall progress bar available underneath all these details to keep you up to date with the way the whole task progresses.

A very good thing about Get My Videos Back is the fact that it can recover damaged videos by trimming the faulty parts. A dedicated options screen allows you to configure the way the app shall handle error correction, with two options at your disposal: keep file size or skip error and trim the file.

On the bad side, Get My Videos Back is one slow app and that may very well upset professional users and it doesn't always manage to recover content from scratched media.

But overall, it's worth a shot, especially thanks to the user-friendly approach that plays the role of its foundation. You don't really need to be a computer guru to use it and that's undoubtedly a very good thing.

Get My Videos Back was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on June 12th, 2012
Get My Videos Back - The main window of Get My Videos Back enables you to select the file to restore.Get My Videos Back - The Settings window will help you adjust the app to your needs.

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