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Append multiple MP4 files. Save result as a new file.

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It has a pretty self-explanatory name, so it's hard to be surprised after installing it for the first time. Join (Merge, Combine) Multiple MP4 Files Into One is an application developed to help users who want to quickly merge two or several MP4 files.

Especially designed with a single goal in mind, this program doesn't attempt to impress users with a huge number of options. Instead, it offers them just the basics of MP4 file merging, so the whole process is very likely to be finalized in a matter of minutes.

Once launched, you shall meet an interface that's plain and simple, which seems just about right given the overall number of options.

Simply select the MP4 files to be processed, move them up or down in the file queue and hit the “Start” button to merge them all and create just a single MP4 file.

There are no other configuration options, which of course can be very frustrating for more experienced users, but instead Join (Merge, Combine) Multiple MP4 Files Into One can work with as many files as you want, the processing speed remains the same in all cases.

There's one tool however that could come in very handy, as it gives you the option to add all MP4 files in a folder, so file selection is much easier. The main requirement is of course to place all MP4 files in the same folder, which in some cases isn't possible.

Join (Merge, Combine) Multiple MP4 Files Into One however works fast and gets along very well with all Windows versions, without asking for administrator privileges to serve its purpose.

As a conclusion, it's a good piece of software if you don't expect more than the very basic MP4 merging options. The good thing is that it works fast and doesn't hamper system performance in any way.

Join (Merge, Combine) Multiple MP4 Files Into One was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 16th, 2012
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