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A user-friendly application that helps you adjust the timing of a SRT or TXT subtitle file, as well as translate its content using Google Translate

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KotSub is a forthright application that can be used for quickly editing and translating subtitle files. It provides support for the most popular subtitle file format, namely SRT, but is also capable of processing plain text files.

The simplistic interface comprises two separate sections, dedicated to each function of the application. As you might conclude from its name, the 'Time Editor' enables you to make adjustments to the starting time of the subtitle. To do so, you must enter the desired timestamp (in minutes and seconds, since hours or milliseconds are not supported) and select the timing delay mode.

You can either specify the starting time or modify the existing one by adding or reducing it with the defined amount of minutes and / or seconds. This procedure usually does not take long and the progress is displayed within the main window.

KotSub relies on the power of Google's online translating service in order to help you process locally stored SRT or TXT files that contains subtitles. Therefore, the array of supported languages coincides with the one of Google Translate. Depending on the size of the subtitle file, the translation process might take more or less time.

Aside from the ease of use, another advantage of KotSub is that the content of the original file is not altered in any way. The application automatically creates a backup of the input file and changes its name to suggest that it contains the initial version of the subtitle. The output is saved in the same location, so it is easy to find.

KotSub could use some improvements to attract more users. For instance, it can only delay the subtitle starting from the beginning and not a following moment and does not include options for setting hours and milliseconds. Even so, it is a practical tool that can have your subtitle translated in just a few moments.

KotSub was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on December 13th, 2013
KotSub - KotSub is designed to be a timestamp subtitle editor and translator that you can use to process SRT files.KotSub - You can use Google Translate in order to translate the subtitle file in any language that you desire

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