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A complete laser system that helps you design laser images and display them during your shows, by means of a corresponding projector

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Lasershow Designer QuickShow is a complex yet user-friendly software solution developed to offer you the proper tools for organizing and running impressive laser shows, with little to no effort at all.

Requesting an activation code

Following the installation process of the application, you will need to request an activation code using your email address, then wait for a response.

The received code will need to be entered into the proper field, allowing you to begin working with Lasershow Designer QuickShow.

Well-structured user interface

The program’s main window functions in tabbed mode, enabling you to switch between the countless available categories, while on the right side you can use the preview panel to analyze the chosen laser in more detail.

The numerous control features allow you to perform live control operations, adjusting the size, position, rotation and color of the laser shapes with just a few mouse clicks. The functions on the lower edge of the screen enable you to insert ‘Quick Text’, ‘Quick Shape’, ‘Quick Traces’ and other elements into your show.

Swiftly design lasers images and project them for spectators to view

Lasershow Designer QuickShow comprises an extensive amount of graphics, animations and effects, that can be displayed on cue, with only a button press, letting you synchronize it with background music.

Moreover, the program enables you to geometrically adjust the projections, allowing you to reduce unflattering angles or off-axis images. As such, you can alter the size, position, orientation, linearity, symmetry, and several other features.

A useful utility to assist you in organizing laser shows

In conclusion, Lasershow Designer QuickShow is a comprehensive and efficient application created to help you put together live shows, incorporating music and laser lights into the experience.

Lasershow Designer QuickShow was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 16th, 2014
Lasershow Designer QuickShow

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