MP Upnp Renderer2.2.0.5

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A useful extension that was created to facilitate the transfer of multimedia content from a UPNP media server to the MediaPortal software






Sharing content between computers and other units can be done in a variety of ways, most of which depend on the connectivity capabilities of the devices involved. Things are a lot easier when the devices are all part of the same network, because there are several protocols that are supported by a wide range of hardware tools.

For instance, the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocol is one of the most widespread methods of discovering devices connected to the same network and transferring data without requiring complex configurations.

Those who use MediaPortal as their favorite multimedia center ave at their disposal numerous extensions which can be used to expand the capabilities of the software. Insofar as the distribution of files among networked devices is concerned, MP Upnp Renderer is one of the plugins that are designed specifically for these jobs.

This add-in will make it possible for anyone to share movies, songs and photos between a PC and a tablet or any other device, requiring only a UPnP Media server to facilitate the connection with MediaPortal.

Besides transferring files to the remote client, MP Upnp Renderer is also capable of sending commands to control the playback. Setting up the running parameters of the plugin can be done easily from the 'Plugin' configuration menu which can be found inside MediaPortal.
Last updated on April 2nd, 2014
MP Upnp Renderer - This is the Settings window of the plugin that allows you to adjust the notify time and eventually the name that will be displayed.MP Upnp Renderer - In the Music tab of MP Upnp Renderer you can adjust the music settings and the thumbnail to display.MP Upnp Renderer - In the Video / Photo section users can activate photo support and cache MP4-files.

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