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Synchronize and join your favorite subtitle files

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Mapa Sub is a handy and reliable application designed to display subtitles over a video file, with the possibility to synchronize or join MicroDVD SUB files.

Mapa Sub emerged, more than anything, from the need to sync a subtitle with a certain movie. It’s useful in many situations that involve building a subtitle for a certain clip or watching a movie in a player that doesn’t feature subtitle support.

Mapa Sub was designed as an extremely lightweight utility that is user-friendly and easy to understand. It is a portable application, which means there’s no installation process involved; what’s more, it doesn’t write to the registry and can be carried around on a removable drive for easy access.

What makes Mapa Sub stand out is its simplicity, although the purpose it carries out is complex. The user interface is minimalistic and accessible, hosting a few buttons each with a different purpose. In order to test its functions and to assess its value, you are required to load a subtitle file, in SUB or TXT format.

Following this operation, you can adjust the frame rate and the time interval to begin at. Other options include changing the subtitle’s font, combining two SUB files together and advanced sync options (includes frame rate estimations in accordance with the duration of the movie).

Once you’ve customized these settings, you’re ready to start the playback of the targeted movie and launch Mapa Sub immediately after. As the video is being played, you can notice if the subtitle is synchronized and if not, you can make further adjustments inside Mapa Sub to fix this.

To sum it all up, Mapa Sub is a great choice for playing and synchronizing subtitles with movies. The loaded SUB files will always stay on top of the movie, so you can gain the best insight over sync issues.

Mapa Sub was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on May 15th, 2013
Mapa Sub - Mapa Sub will help you qucikly and easily synchronize and join subtitle files

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