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Identifies the format of movie files and displays information about them





The MovieID application identifies the format of movie files and displays information about them. The program is stand-alone, and does not require any players, codecs, or multimedia DLL's to be installed on your system. It supports all popular movie file formats, including AVI, DivX, ASF, WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, QuickTime, and RealMedia. It does not use the file name extension to identify files, so it's great for identifying movie files that have been incorrectly named.

The program was created for several reasons:

1. To identify the format of a movie file that was named with an incorrect file name extension. This program parses the file to determine the file format, and does not use the file extension. Incorrect file extensions are frequently found on files downloaded over the internet.

2. To identify the player and/or codecs needed to view a specific file. This program includes a database of all known video and audio compression formats, which should help you to determine the codec needed to display a particular file. This is frequently a problem with files downloaded over the internet.

3. To display some basic information about the file. This is really just a bonus, and was not the original goal of this program. But since the information is readily available, it is displayed to the user. Not all file formats display all information, but the program displays any information it can easily find.

4. To help diagnose MediaPlayer problems. If your MediaPlayer configuration gets screwed up, this program will still work. It doesn't use any multi- media system calls. All file parsing is done by this program.

5. To display information FAST. You can get most of the same information by opening a file in the appropriate player application, but it usually takes longer and requires multiple steps.
Last updated on October 10th, 2008
MovieID - In the Command Prompt window you will be able to see detailed info about the processed video file

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