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MPlayer incorporation in MediaPortal





My MPlayer is an external player and window plugin that gives the user the ability to use MPlayer in MediaPortal.

With the window plugin the user can play more media like rtsp streams than with the standard plugins. It always uses MPlayer even if normally the internal players or an other external player is used.
Last updated on February 28th, 2012
My MPlayer - This is the Configuration window of the My MPlayer plugin where you can choose the path for the MPlayer program.My MPlayer - Use the Video tab of the plugin's Configuration window to select  the Video Output diver, the Aspect Ratio or the Deinterlace.My MPlayer - In the Subtitles tab you can change the default subtitle font, the font size and the subtitle position.My MPlayer - By accessing the Audio tab users are able to select the sound output driver and the output device.My MPlayerMy MPlayer

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