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My Score Center is a plug-in for MediaPortal a free open source media center software.

It displays sports results from almost any web site. The principle is very simple: a score is represented by an URL and an XPath expression to find the results in the page.

It works best when the results are displayed in an HTML table, but you can also use it to display other elements such as div, span, h2 to name a few.
Last updated on April 25th, 2012
My Score Center - This is the main menu of My Score Center where you can choose a sport to get the latest scores for.My Score Center - Here is an example of how the plugin will display leader board information on Athletics.My Score Center - By accessing the Configuration window of My Score Center you will be able to set the updating timer.My Score Center - The Update tab is where you can select the update mode and URL or configure the updating procedure.My Score Center

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