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A useful media streaming add-on for XBMC media player that aims to make a lot of online content available for all the home users

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Finding and accessing multimedia content online can be a really fun activity, especially when the right tools for the job are at hand. Playing streaming videos and songs as well as managing music and movie collections are possible through dedicated media center software like XBMC.

To further extend the capabilities of such programs, you can use add-ons specialized on a single or on multiple tasks. One such helper is Navi-X, a powerful aggregator that can bring podcasts, videos or music right onto your TV screen or any other device you are using with XMBC. Besides regular multimedia formats, it is able to handle graphics and text, as well as HTML and even RSS files.

The great thing about this particular tool is that with its help you can access a wide variety of public resources. Navi-X makes it possible for you to share content with everyone and create personalized playlists which may include background images and logos.

Using this add-on to get videos, music and anything else it can deal with is also possible. More so, if your Internet connection supports transferring files at a steady speed, you can watch a movie and download it in the same time.

One of the strongest points of Navi-X is its ability to manage page caching in a special manner. Thus, the pages which are updated more frequently will be cached for shorter amounts of time, as opposite to those with higher intervals for adding new content.

Even if is only an add-on that is meant to work alongside a so-called host software, Navi-X is well equipped and can truly broaden the reach and capabilities of XMBC. It gives instant access to impressive amounts of content, while allowing its users to share some of their own.

Navi-X was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on October 31st, 2013
Navi-X - This is the main menu of the plugin where you can access your videos, music and pictures.

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