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Play media files (video, image and music files) from your PC on your TV

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Samsung PC Share Manager is an application that you can use to share multimedia files between your PC and your Samsung TV.

Using this application, your DLNA certified Samsung TV set can remotely access files on your computer, allowing you to watch videos or listen to music directly from the TV screen.

The part that might pose some problems is setting up a Wiselink DLNA connection, which enables your TV to connect to your computer. There are a few steps to follow: you first have to perform the network configuration (your TV has to be connected to your home network) and launch Samsung PC Share Manager.

Before activating the Wiselink feature of your TV, you have to configure Samsung PC Share Manager and the first thing to do is to authorize the connection between your PC and the Samsung TV, by starting the server.

The main interface is split into panes that let you browse your PC and view all the folders and files available for sharing. You can use these two panes to designate which folders and photo, video or music files you want to access from WiseLink. This can be done very easy, as the program supports drag and drop.

Right-clicking on a folder brings up the 'Property' window, where you can view the size and contents of that folder before you share it. All the music, video or audio files that you share with your TV appear in the right column of the application.

With the help of this application, your PC can share files to the Samsung TV using either a wired or wireless connection. Settings up your TV to connect to your PC using Samsung PC Share Manager might seem difficult, but all the effort is worthwhile, since afterwards you can enjoy your favorite movies and music on the screen TV.

Samsung PC Share Manager was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on November 20th, 2012
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