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SplitCam is an application designed to enable you use the webcam with multiple programs at the same time, also offering some extra goodies, to make the whole experience a bit more attractive.

As you may know, a webcam can only be used with a single application, all the other tools returning 'webcam busy' errors as soon as you try to enable this particular feature.

But this is where SplitCam comes into play. It tries to split the video to multiple programs, including the most popular instant messengers on the Internet, such as Yahoo Messenger, Skype or Windows Live Messenger.

It also comes with something special in the form of visual effects, allowing you to add filters, backgrounds, face items, frames and avatars over the streamed video. Plus, SplitCam can take snapshots using your webcam, either manually or at a given time.

During our test, the program worked flawlessly every time, managing to send the video we were broadcasting to all the running apps, without needing additional customizations.

And speaking about configuration, SplitCam comes with just a few options, so you won't spend too much time setting it up. The only things you could change are the tooltips (enable or disable) and the startup feature.

In addition, you can choose the video resolution, and also tinker with webcam settings to adjust brightness, colors and contrast.

SplitCam is quite easy to use and comes with a solid feature pack, so all users can find a little bit of something to play with. Overall, it should do a great job for anyone who gives it a try.

SplitCam was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on October 22nd, 2012
SplitCam - SplitCam will help you quickly and easily split your webcam video stream with powerful toolsSplitCam - The Filters tab of the Effects section will provide users with Black / Blue / Green / Red Contours or Gradient optionsSplitCam - Users will be able to access options such as Cornerhat, Napoleon, Sombrero or Witch from the Face items tabSplitCam - screenshot #4SplitCam - screenshot #5SplitCam - screenshot #6SplitCam - screenshot #7SplitCam - screenshot #8SplitCam - screenshot #9SplitCam - screenshot #10SplitCam - screenshot #11

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