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SubAdd 2007 - Use it to add subtitles to a movie

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SubAdd 2007 is a small application that lets you add subtitles to a certain movie, coming with support for the most popular video formats on the market.

The catch is that SubAdd 2007 uses Windows Media Player to handle the videos, so you don't get breathtaking video playing capabilities. Instead, you receive a simple interface with the common controls and just a few options.

And the simple interface we were talking about is actually the first thing you discover after installation comes to an end, with all features organized in tabs for easy browsing.

Besides the fact that it can open locally-stored videos, SubAdd 2007 also supports multiple media formats, including DVD, VCD and CD. As for the supported file formats, they include mpeg, mpg, m1v, mp2, mpa, mpe, ifo, vob, avi and wmv, while it's only compatible with str subtitle files.

There's not much to configure after you launch the program, as you're only allowed to customize the subtitles thanks to a couple of settings to stretch them to fit and show the subtitle or not.

Additionally, there's a dedicated tab to search for subtitles online, with SubAdd 2007 offering support for multiple languages, including German, Turkey and Greek.

It's far from being a resource hog, but the good thing is that it works on all Windows versions and it obviously remains very friendly with hardware resources all the time.

Overall, SubAdd 2007 is just a decent application that does the same thing as all the other full-featured video players now available on the market. It remains light on hardware resources, but it has only a few tools available.

SubAdd 2007 was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on April 2nd, 2012
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