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This application allows you to shorten the time required to 'attach short sequences” in translations by merging the rows in SRT files

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Subtitle Merger is a lightweight tool that can help you create shorter subtitle files in order to ease the task of a translator. It is designed to scan the content of the subtitle and merge the rows that have a short time interval between them.

During subtitle translations you might need to merge two or more rows in order to display the entire phrase on the screen. However, this process can too much of your time and drastically reduce your productivity.

It you want to avoid these operations, you can use the Subtitle Merger to join the rows with just one click. Really, you just need to open the subtitle and click Run to generate a new version with the merged lines.

Since the time between two phrases can vary, the program also offers you the option to specify the maximum duration and the maximum display time. Another important criteria is the length of a merged row which allows you to limit the number of characters that appear on the screen.

The status bar displays additional information such as the number of lines in each file and the shrink rate. This percentage should indicate how efficient the program really is when merging large subtitles.

It can load subtitles that use the SRT format, which is one of the most popular file types out there. Although it can also load text files, the content must have the same format in order to be recognized.

Subtitle Merger is a flexible and easy to use solution when you need to merge multiple subtitle lines.

Subtitle Merger was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on November 16th, 2013
Subtitle Merger - You can view the time, length and text of a subtitle in the main window of the application.Subtitle Merger - Basic options such as opening and saving a subtitle are available in the File menu.Subtitle Merger - You can access the Options window and run the subtitle merging function from the Action menu.Subtitle Merger - Insert different characters at the beginning of a line from the Options window of Subtitle Merger.

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