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A software solution that was designed to ease your subtitle hunts by offering you a simple and efficient way of downloading them

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Subtitle Search is an easy to use tool especially designed to help you look for movie subtitles online and download them on your computer.

The application is easy to install and thanks to its comprehensive interface, it’s even easier to use. To get the subtitles, you need to enter the movie's name, choose the provider, language and then click the ‘Search’ button. The results are then displayed along with details about the movie such as year, genre and rating.

With a double click on the search results, the files are automatically downloaded to the target folder you set right after the application is installed. All you have to do then, is take the subs file and insert it into the player.

Subtitle Search also comes with a really good feature that allows you to locate movies on the popular IMDB website. To look one up, just like when searching for a subtitle, all that is required is the name of the movie. The application then displays the plot, links that are relevant to the movie, images and cast information.

In case the IMDB browser doesn’t deliver the results you want or are in need of more information, Subtitle Search enables you to browse the Internet. This means that you can look for a subtitle even if the application can’t locate it for you.

Moreover, Subtitle Search also delivers a feature that allows you to locate trailers as well, making the application seem like an all-in-one movie tool that does everything except download the actual movie.

At its core, Subtitle Search looks like a very practical and handy tool to have around, but under the hood it seems to be struggling and is in need of attention because it tends to crash a lot, sometimes right after initiating a new search.

In closing, Subtitle Search has a lot of potential and can prove to be a great tool but it needs a bit more work.

Subtitle Search was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 19th, 2014
Subtitle Search - Subtitle Search is an easy to use application designed to search for a movie title and return a list of subtitles.Subtitle Search - Add the name of the movie and the language of the subtitle in this dialog window.Subtitle Search - Here are some of the Preferences you can change and they include looking for trailers also.Subtitle Search - The Tools menu of Subtitle Search allows you to access the options, add toolbars and check the server status.

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