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A user-friendly application that can convert SRT, TXT or SUB (microdvd) subtitles to a SUP file that can later be integrated to a DVD

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Authoring DVD movies always requires dedicated tools, as does adding features or specific items to the compilation before burning it to disc. A specialized operation, such as adding a supplementary set of subtitles to the DVD, can be carried out with the help of Txt2Sup.

The program is able to create SUP subtitles using files in other formats, such as SUB, SRT or TXT. The interface offers a generous space for the video preview, so you can check out how the subtitles will look like on the DVD.

Usually, you should load the IFO file from the original DVD to have Txt2Sup read the color palette and choose the appropriate colors for the SUP file to be created. In case you do not have that IFO or it doesn't support SUP format, you can simply check a box and the software will take care of everything.

The subtitle colors and fonts can be customized manually in no time. Thus, you can choose the antialias and outline colors, the text and background hues as well. If you feel more comfortable reading a certain type of font, you can select it, alongside its charset and style, not to mention the size and alignment.

Insofar as the subtitle fonts are concerned, Txt2Sup allows you to choose vertical and horizontal offsets and also an outline value, to further increase the visibility of the characters. Batch processing is supported and as soon as all the configurations are made, all that remains to do is press the 'Generate Sup' button to start the process.

All things considered, Txt2Sup is able to provide the necessary functions for quickly authoring extra subtitle files that can be incorporated in a DVD. Rather easy to use and quick in processing, the application can be used by experienced and novice user alike.

Txt2Sup was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on June 13th, 2014
Txt2Sup - Txt2Sup will provide users with an application that converts an SRT, TXT, SUB (MicroDVD) subtitle at a SUP file

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