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Well-organized program that provides users with a simple means of syncing subtitles to WAV files, checking for errors and spelling mistakes, and stripping tags

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VisualSubSync is a software application that provides users with a simple means of creating or editing subtitles, as well as sync them to a desired video.

Intuitive GUI

The installation process is a piece of cake, while the interface you come across presents a well-organized layout. It encloses a menu bar, a pane in which to view a waveform, a few buttons and boxes, as well as a panel in which to view all translated lines.

In addition to that, multiple Help contents are included, which enable you to easily work with VisualSubSync even if your experience level is low.

Supported file types, and check for errors and spelling mistakes

This program enables you to upload subtitles in formats such as SRT, SSA and ASS, while they can be saved as SRT, CUE, TXT, CSV, SSA and ASS extensions. Projects can be opened and saved as VSSPRJ, while you can also export them as WAV files, and bring up properties with just a click of the button.

A search function is supported, as well as error checking and checking your spelling. It is possible to view quick stats in a dedicated panel, generate an error report and export it to an HTML format.

Play items and stop them, strip tags and delay lines

Multiple playback buttons are incorporated, so that you can easily play, stop, pause, loop and go to the next subtitle, while it is also possible to zoom in and out of the waveform, show silent zones and view logs.

Last but not least, it is possible to merge dialog, delay a line, view subtitles in italic or other styles, strip tags and create karaoke with just a click of the button.

Conclusion and performance

To wrap it up, VisualSubSync is a pretty handy piece of software when it comes to syncing subtitles with videos, using an intuitive interface. There are plenty of options to keep you busy and the response time is quite good. Our tests did not reveal any problems such as errors, crashes or hangs.

VisualSubSync was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on September 8th, 2014
VisualSubSync - This is the main window of VisualSubSync where you can start synchronizing your subtitlesVisualSubSync - When creating a new project, you will need to select the source video and the subtitle fileVisualSubSync - You can access this menu when you want to modify the settings of your current projectVisualSubSync - screenshot #4VisualSubSync - screenshot #5VisualSubSync - screenshot #6VisualSubSync - screenshot #7VisualSubSync - screenshot #8VisualSubSync - screenshot #9VisualSubSync - screenshot #10VisualSubSync - screenshot #11VisualSubSync - screenshot #12VisualSubSync - screenshot #13

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