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Accessible, easy-to-use and simple software that allows you to quickly install Microsoft Windows Movie Maker 6.0 on a newer version of Windows

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If you ever owned a photo or video camera, there have certainly been moments when you needed video editing software to perform a few quick modifications to your recorded films.

Windows Movie Maker can now offer you just what you need, as it is no longer available only for Windows XP and Vista users, and can smoothly run on your Windows 7 system.

Windows Movie Maker Installer can be downloaded and run without you having to pay anything in exchange. Furthermore, you'll have access to the program's intuitive interface after you've completed the short and simple installation process.

If you're familiar with the application from Windows XP or Vista, then you'll notice that not much is changed. You'll still be able to easily import the multimedia files from a digital camera, or from your computer, add effects and transitions and publish to the media storage unit you want. Right from the start you'll see that it isn't hard to start your own project.

Easily noticeable is the software's ability to drag the video files you want directly into your project, where you will also be able to preview them in the dedicated window. Once here, you can add the desired effects and transitions after the videos have been copied or dragged onto the Storyboard.

If you are unclear of how a certain effect/transition performs, you will be able to preview it. For example, effects such as blur, fade, pan, rotate, pixelate and many others are available in the program.

The transition effect list is as full as the effects one; you'll be able to curl, spin, shatter, split or wipe from one video to another, and that's to name just a few.

As long as we are here it is also worth mentioning that titles and credits can also be added to your video project.

Furthermore, the Publish option isn't left out and will offer you the possibility to save your movies to CDs/DVDs, e-mail them or even record them on a DV camera tape.

The fact that Windows Movie Maker is quick and small in size might lead you to think that it offers very little options. While it is true that it does not compare with other specialized products (that don't come by for free), you'll be happy to know that it features plenty of options that can satisfy most of your video editing needs.

Windows Movie Maker Installer was reviewed by Alexandru Teodorovici
Last updated on August 7th, 2013
Windows Movie Maker Installer - Windows Movie Maker Installer is a software that allows you to install the Movie Maker application.Windows Movie Maker Installer - Windows Movie Maker is a program that enables you to load media files and create new projects.

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