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A small addin for Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center that helps you import NetFlix movies and enjoy them on your computer, as well as manage your subscription

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vmcNetflix is intended to enhance the functionality of Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center by allowing it to access, play or download NetFlix movies. With its help, you can stream NetFlix movies into the built-in player, provided you have a valid subscription.

NetFlix is one of the most popular online media streaming services, so it's only logical for its users to want to watch their favorite TV shows or movies in a user-friendly environment such as Windows Vista Media Center. vmcNetflix is designed to meet this demand, allowing the importing of NetFlix streams on a Vista workstation.

In order for the 'WatchNow' function to work properly, vmcNetflix requires you to have NetFlix Movie Viewer installed on your PC. Registered members can download this small utility from the Netflix website. Once this condition is met, you can use vmcNetflix to send movies to the integrated player of Windows Vista Media Center.

Alternatively, movies can be downloaded to your computer for later watching or sent to the 'DVD Queue' or the 'My List' section (formerly called 'Instant Queue'), the gallery that contains all the movies you enjoyed, with advanced sorting (by various criteria, such as title, release year or rating) and filtering possibilities, in order to help you quickly find the title you are looking for. Another option is to create your own 'Favorites' list and move all the movies you liked in there.

As expected, you can view a summarized description of each movie in the library, as well as details concerning the cast or the movie type.

vmcNetflix enables you to take advantage of the capabilities of Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center, while importing NetFlix movies you liked to the local library. It helps you enrich your local movie collection and enjoy your favorite movies on a Vista computer.

vmcNetFlix was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 26th, 2014
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