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A powerful utility that will enable users to software to load and edit movie clips from Blu-ray discs or stored locally in AVCHD format

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Handling video content stored onto Blu-ray optical discs or in AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) format coming from compatible cameras is a quite demanding task because not many applications will support these formats.

One of the tools that is up for this job is AVCHD Editor and it aims to provide its users with all the necessary functions to load and work with several types of clips, more precisely MTS, M2TS, CPI and CLPI.

An important mention that has to be made is that in order to import the videos you will need the clip information files in the same location as the movies. This means that you can only add the MTS and M2TS clips from properly formed AVCHD and Blu-ray structures.

There are several modes in which you can operate this particular program, ranging from Basic to Pro, each with its particularities but the rule of thumb in this case is the more advanced the selected mode, the more details and features you will get.

The preview and log windows are available when working in all modes, except for the basic one, which is the most limited. Nonetheless, this mode is the most easy to use in case you wish to get the job done quickly, without too many configurations.

AVCHD Editor supports playlists in the Advanced and Pro modes, while only for the latter it is also possible to select and remove some streams that you no longer want to keep in your project. You can check out the details for every stream and before starting the actual processing you will be able to pick the desired output options and even burn the project directly to disc.

To sum things up, AVCHD Editor is a fair application that comes with a few interesting features, but if you want a bit more control and some extra features to put you in full control over the multimedia content, this tool can't help you at this time.

AVCHD Editor was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on January 3rd, 2014
AVCHD Editor - The main window of AVCHD Editor allows you to create new playlists and add video files to processAVCHD Editor - AVCHD Editor Pro window will display addition details about the selected filesAVCHD Editor - Options window of AVCHD Editor will let you set the output optionsAVCHD Editor - screenshot #4AVCHD Editor - screenshot #5AVCHD Editor - screenshot #6AVCHD Editor - screenshot #7

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