Machete Video Editor Lite

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Cut and join AVI, WMV and ASF video files, load them in a media player, edit tags, take screenshots, and examine file information

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Machete Video Editor is a powerful software application wrapped up in a user-friendly interface. Its name is pretty self-explanatory, since it permits you to edit video files, more specifically to cut them into smaller parts and then put them back together. The utility offers support for AVI, WMV and ASF-formatted objects.

Intuitive interface with basic media player commands

After a brief and uneventful setup procedure, you are greeted by a normal window which contains a media player with multiple panels, a toolbar and a menu bar. Overall, it is clear-cut and easy to navigate.

Once a video is loaded, you can preview it in the media player, enter full screen mode, go back or forward by several frames, jump to a specific time, and resort to other basic controls.

How to cut and merge videos

In order to split the clip into multiple parts, it is necessary to establish the start and end cut point. However, Machete Video Editor does not provide the possibility to make multiple selections within the same video to extract them simultaneously. The selected portion can be played and you can also examine its duration to make any adjustments if needed.

Video merging is just as easily done, since all you have to do is set a position to a key frame or end of file to be able to insert a new video.

View file info, edit tags, take screenshots, and more

The software utility enables you to investigate file information when it comes to the format type, audio and video properties, saved time, dimension, audio and video duration, along with average bit rate. Plus, you can edit tags when it comes to the track number, title, artist, album, year, date, comment and URL, extract the current frame to an image file (PNG, JPG, BMP), strip the video of the audio stream to replace it with a new one, as well as to save only the audio or video stream to file.

Evaluation and conclusion

Video cutting and merging jobs are carried out swiftly while the tool remains low on CPU and RAM consumption. No error dialogs were shown in our evaluation, and the app did not hang or crash. Bottom line is that Machete Video Editor comes loaded with an effective solution to trimming and joining video files, backed by other useful tools too. It caters to all types of users.

For additional features you can check out the paid version of Machete.

Machete Video Editor Lite was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on April 27th, 2015
Machete Video Editor Lite - Machete Video Editor Lite displays a user-friendly interface and enables you to watch videos from your computer.Machete Video Editor Lite - Accessing the File menu, you are able to view file information, edit its tags and save the video stream.Machete Video Editor Lite - You can cut, copy, paste and delete sections, as well as insert a file at the current position bu going to the Edit menu.Machete Video Editor LiteMachete Video Editor LiteMachete Video Editor Lite

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