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A lightweight and comprehensive tool that you can use to encode video material from your computer using Smart Bitrate Control technology

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Nandub is an intuitive video processing utility designed for encoding AVI files using DivX and MPEG4v2. Inspired by VirtualDub, this application enables you to easily capture and edit video files, promising high output quality.

The main difference between Nandub and VirtualDub is that the first one relies on the codec’s internal variables for processing the input files. Note that the application requires the DivX 3.11 Alpha or MPEG4v2 video codecs in order to work, since it is not compatible with more recent versions.

Although it is mainly designed for handling AVI files, the program can be used for processing MPEG video files, AVI stripe definitions and VirtualDub remote signposts (VDR).

The main advantage of the application is that it enables you to experiment with more parameters than a standard encoder. Therefore, you can adjust the video frame rate or change it so that the durations of the video and the audio match, modify the color depth, change the motion curve parameters, set the compression levels, the keyframes quality and perform corrections on low-bitrate conditions.

Using the Smart Bitrate Control technology, Nandub allows you to customize the bitrate and the modulation levels, perform bitrate curve compression and luminance corrections. Furthermore, it comes with audio / video stream interleave options, playback delay options and audio conversion and compression capabilities.

In addition to this, the application enables you to capture video streams to AVI format. While the ‘Capture Mode’ is activated, you can perform video compression and noise reduction, crop the recorded stream or apply different filters.

Audio streams can be extracted from input video files and saved to WAV format and image sequences can be generated.

Nandub provides basic encoding options that can help you enhance multimedia files. On the downside, it only supports the aforementioned old video codec versions so if you are looking for a powerful video processing tool, you might want to try something else.

Nandub was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on August 26th, 2013
Nandub - The application displays a user-friendly interface and enables you to load video files from your computer and encode them to other formats.Nandub - Opening the File menu, users can append an AVI segment, save striped AVI and save processing settings.Nandub - From the Edit menu, you are able to move back 50 frames, move to selection start and delete frames.Nandub - screenshot #4Nandub - screenshot #5Nandub - screenshot #6Nandub - screenshot #7Nandub - screenshot #8Nandub - screenshot #9Nandub - screenshot #10Nandub - screenshot #11Nandub - screenshot #12Nandub - screenshot #13Nandub - screenshot #14Nandub - screenshot #15

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