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A feature-packed software utility that can help even novices create high-complexity videos that can be converted to the format they choose

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When you want to create complex videos or enhance existing ones, you are probably looking for an intuitive application that can help you complete your tasks with as little hassle as possible. VSDC Free Video Editor can serve such purposes, especially since it is a freeware tool.

However, you need to pay attention during the installation process as you might need to decline some third-party offers.

In order to enjoy the functions of the application, you first need to create a project, then specify its type: blank, import your images and videos, capture video or capture your desktop screen.

When it comes to importing multimedia files, you also get the possibility to choose the transition type that best suits your preferences.

Unlike other video editors, this software solution enables you to rearrange your selected files, adjust their length and size until you are pleased with the outcome. You can also create new scenes and add them to your project, if you are not satisfied with the items you have added.

When you are ready to save your creation, you can specify the target devices where you want to be able to play it, so that VSDC Free Video Editor can convert it to a compatible format. The application supports a wide range of devices, such as iPod, mobile phone, PSP, Zune, Archos, BlackBerry, iRiver, Xbox, or PC, and depending on your choice, your created project will be exported to the format that plays smoothly on your handset.

Next, you can add markers to your video, export individual images or extract the audio track off your project and use them in other ones. Additionally, you can burn the created clip to a disc that you can later share with friends.

All in all, VSDC Free Video Editor can provide you with a plethora of features that you can rely on to quickly come up with professional-looking videos. However, you first need to thoroughly experiment with each function so as to discover its advantages or drawbacks before using it on a regular basis.

VSDC Free Video Editor was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on September 17th, 2015
VSDC Free Video Editor - VSDC Free Video Editor will help you quickly and easily create videos out of multimedia filesVSDC Free Video Editor - VSDC Free Video Editor allows you to preview the created video projects in order to better tweak themVSDC Free Video Editor - VSDC Free Video Editor features the possibility to add various objects, such as text, sprite, etc.VSDC Free Video Editor - screenshot #4VSDC Free Video Editor - screenshot #5VSDC Free Video Editor - screenshot #6VSDC Free Video Editor - screenshot #7VSDC Free Video Editor - screenshot #8VSDC Free Video Editor - screenshot #9VSDC Free Video Editor - screenshot #10

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