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A modded version of VirtualDub that offers MPEG2 support and enables you to edit video material using a large set of intuitive tools

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VirtualDub MPEG2 is an application derived from VirtualDub which has been fitted with the capability to process video material in MPEG2 format.

MPEG-2 is widely used in television broadcasting and sets the standard format for a lot of the video material that is distributed on DVDs and other such mediums. It’s been developed a few years back and since then the interface hasn’t been updated with any modern graphical elements so in that regard, it’s not so appealing.

It does however remain a user-friendly application that provides comprehensive tools for video editing. Its basic layout offers you quick access to features meaning you won’t waste time finding what you need.

As far as what you can do with VirtualDub MPEG2, you get a considerable amount of options. You can easily navigate through the video frame by frame using shortcut keys or a progress bar and you can mark a specific portion of the clip for editing.

VirtualDub MPEG2 gives you the possibility to apply and customize filters such as blur, brightness / contrast, chroma smoother, emboss, fill, grayscale, motion blur, sharpen, and others. Depending on what the purpose of the clip is, the application also enables you to set a custom frame rate, choose the color depth and select the compression codec that you want to use.

With VirtualDub MPEG2 you are not limited to working with just the video stream. Audio can also be manipulated by adjusting volume, choosing a compression method and adding various effects to it.

The application is fitted with a performance control panel which allows you to set the AVI output buffering and data pipeline stream but in all fairness, considering that the application has been alive for a long number of years, it can run smoothly on any low performance computer by today’s standards.

In closing, VirtualDub MPEG2 is a good solution to have when you’re looking for a simple means of editing your movies using basic tools.

VirtualDub MPEG2 was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on January 15th, 2014
VirtualDub MPEG2

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