FFP - Free FLV Player1.0.0

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Easy to use, simply drag & drop your files on the player's window.

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FFP - Free FLV Player is just a plain simple Flash Video player for you to view your downloaded video clips from websites such as YouTube, Yahoo! Video or Metacafe as well as other popular video streaming hosts all over the Internet. All you need in addition is the Adobe Flash Player application and you’re all set up.

Although the vast array of multimedia player has a lot to offer with video players supporting virtually any format in existence, there still are those programs that only manage to play certain video formats and FFP - Free FLV Player is one of them. If you prefer to have as many video players as video formats on your computer, then FFP - Free FLV Player may be the software you look for your FLV files.

Its below-average interface is just as ordinary as the packed feature set. They both are bordering the basics without even covering them. FFP - Free FLV Player brings a somewhat flimsy set of tools to the table and doesn’t really stand up of the crowd with any given characteristic. You can choose to load up your FLV files from your local drives or from the Internet through their links.

Full-screen mode and the insubstantial player controls only add up to the overall superficiality of the whole package. Nonetheless, the installer of the application can be seen as one of the worst when comparing the attention you have to pay in order to skip past all the junkware it offers to the value you get in the end.

The bottom line is that FFP - Free FLV Player can only be perceived as a draft, a sketch to a possible better piece of software. As far as utilizing one-format-only video players, you would really want to get a witty program, not just some tacky app.

FFP - Free FLV Player was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on May 7th, 2013
FFP - Free FLV Player - In the main window of FFP - Free FLV Player you will be able to select the FLV file to be playedFFP - Free FLV Player - The Direct FLV link tab of Video Web Link window lets you view online FLV videosFFP - Free FLV Player - The Direct RTMP link tab of Video Web Link window lets you set the streamer