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A lightweight and efficient application functioning as a video player that was especially designed to help you watch Flash Videos

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FLV Viewer is a simple and user-friendly piece of software whose main purpose is to help you open and watch FLV movies, without having to install any additional programs, as it includes all the required codecs by default.

The tool supports two Flash Video formats, namely F4V and FLV, which are a particular movie type that is generally used to for videos that are played over the Internet, through Adobe Flash Player, on various websites.

When you download a video from the web, chances are it will come in one of these formats. However, some media players have trouble handling them, meaning you may have to use other applications that were designed especially for Flash Videos, with FLV Viewer being one of them.

The program is quite basic in terms of functionality, and its straight-forward interface makes it very easy to use. In order to watch a FLV or F4V movie, you need to load it from the 'File' menu and FLV Viewer will automatically being to play it.

Moreover, the software provides you with a couple of media player functions, namely 'Play / Pause', 'Stop', 'Full Screen', 'Increase / Decrease Volume' and 'Mute / Unmute'. FLV Viewer only allows you to play one file at a time, so you cannot create a playlist for instance, and render items in a queue. If a simple and uncomplicated tool is what you are looking for, than this will suit your just fine, but otherwise, it is difficult to believe that FLV Viewer can face the tough competition of more popular Flash Video players.

To conclude, FLV Viewer is a useful albeit limited utility designed to assist you in playing FLV and F4V movies with ease, offering a minimalistic interface and a basic set of functions, but managing to perform its job every time without a glitch.

FLV Viewer was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 4th, 2014
FLV Viewer - The main window of FLV Viewer allows you to open and watch the video files that you wantFLV Viewer - From the File menu of the application, you can open a new FLV video or close the current oneFLV Viewer - The Control menu enables you to pause or play the video, as well as increase and decrease the volume