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A media player with easy-to-use functions that allows you to play FLV and other types of video files, either from the hard disk or from online sources

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FLVPlayer4Free is a software that allows you to play media files of various formats, including FLV, WMA, OGG, MKV, AVI, MP3, MP4 and 3GP.

The interface of the player is clean and intuitive. You can add an FLV file by using the file browser or the "drag and drop" function.

Thus, you can use basic commands, such as "Play", "Stop", "Previous Track", "Rewind" and volume adjustment. You can also create playlists, toggle repeat mode, switch to full screen mode and open an FLV web address.

In addition, you can capture an image (in the JPG, BMP or PNG format), preserve the aspect ratio, enable smoothing, allow multiple instances and configure video options (e.g. auto play on startup, remember player position or audio, start from latest played video file, auto save changes).

The program uses a low amount of system resources and allows you to select your preferred language, as well as change the interface appearance.

On the other hand, there is no help file available and the program has some problems. For example, if you load multiple videos as once (i.e. create a playlist), it is highly likely that FLVPlayer4Free will automatically play a file in the background, one that you cannot control (so, you have to restart the player).

Also, if you attempt to open an invalid URL address (i.e. with video streaming unrecognized by the program), the tool continuously pops up an error that you cannot escape from (FLVPlayer4Free must be forced to close). Also, you can only find the "Options" menu in the playlist window.

All in all, FLVPlayer4Free is a very good tool for playing video files of different formats, but it certainly needs to fix its bugs. Otherwise, we recommend it to first-time and power users alike.

FLVPlayer4Free Free FLV Player was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on September 30th, 2015
FLVPlayer4Free Free FLV Player - This is the main window of the application, where you will be able to select a new file.FLVPlayer4Free Free FLV Player - The application allows you to add a new directory or file to your playlist.FLVPlayer4Free Free FLV Player - By accessing the Options tab, the use can choose for the application to start from the first video file.

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