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Portable program that helps you stream live video and audio via a local network or over the Internet, save the output data to ASF file format, and alter the bitrate

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MediaMaster is a small Windows application designed specifically for helping you stream live video and audio via a local network or over the Internet. The video source can be any Windows Media Format device, such as webcam, TV capture card, USB digital camera, and camcorder.

Portable running mode

Portability ensures that your Windows registry doesn’t get bloated with unnecessary entries. You can run the utility directly on your system by simply opening the EXE file. Plus, you may copy the program on any USB flash drive or other devices and carry it with you.

Clean feature lineup

The tool reveals a user-friendly interface that gives you the possibility to easily start, stop or pause the streaming process, check out a list with all your connections, as well as preview the video streams.

At the bottom of the aforementioned features lies the configuration panel, stream statistics or log window. The utility lets you easily switch between the panes or conceal the lower panel from your view.

Configuration settings

The configuration window sports a multi-tabbed layout that enables you to tweak a wide range of dedicated parameters, which are related to audio input, video input, output stream, network settings, file settings and preferences.

MediaMaster allows you to include audio and video streams in the output, select the audio and video device, adjust the audio sampling rates, disable the preview mode when streaming, deactivate VMR, as well as turn on the deinterlace feature.

When it comes to tweaking the output stream, you can alter the stream bitrate, choose between several predefined output size options or specify a custom one, and automatically start the streaming when you run the program.

Network parameters can be configured by enabling the streaming output to network, entering the maximum number of users and port number, and enabling sound notifications (you may add a custom WAV file from your computer).

Last but not least, you are allowed to save the streamed output to a file (ASF file format), specify the saving directory, show tray notifications upon new connections, save last view upon closing, show warnings before stopping the encoding process, clearing the event log and closing the utility, as well as save the current configuration settings to a file so you can easily import it in your future projects.

Stream statistics and logs

MediaMaster reveals statistics about the audio and video streams, namely sample count, dropped samples, encoded bytes, current bitrate, as well as average bitrate. The log keeps information about the events, and you may clear the log with just one click and look up IP addresses.

Bottom line

All things considered, MediaMaster integrates a handy feature pack for helping you stream media files, and can be mastered by all types of users, regardless of their experience level. On the downside, it hasn’t been updated for a long time, so it may cause compatibility issues on newer operating systems.

MediaMaster was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on November 11th, 2014
MediaMaster - MediaMaster lest you choose the audio device that you would like to use along with the sampling rate.MediaMaster - The Output Stream can also be configured by choosing the stream bitrate that you see fit.MediaMaster - MediaMaster has the ability to stream the output to a designated .asf file located in a fully customizable location on your HDD.