MetroPlayer for Windows 8.1

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A simple and efficient piece of software designed for Windows 8.1 whose main purpose is to help you play MP4, MKV and AVI videos

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MetroPlayer is a user-friendly piece of software functioning as a video player for Windows 8.1, enabling you to watch your favorite movies with the utmost ease.

The program is quite simple to work with, but it can only be installed from the Store. Once installed, you can use it to play various movies, as it supports several different formats, like MP4, MKV or AVI.

In order to load and open a video file into the application, you need to press on the 'Open' button and choose the preferred option, after which you can browse through your PC and select the file you wish to play.

The utility features several basic player functions, namely 'Pause', 'Forward' or 'Backward' thirty seconds. It displays the total duration of the video and the current position, as well as a progress bar to allow you to jump to a specific moment.

The 'Subtitle' menu enables you to activate or deactivate the display of SRT subtitles, while the 'Size' button lets you view the movie in 'Full Screen' or reduced to '50%'. Similarly, using the 'Volume' button, you can increase or decrease the sound, however you want. Other options include the ability to change the font 'Size' and 'Color'.

MetroPlayer is rather simple and unimpressive in terms of functionality, featuring only a few common options, its only distinguishing characteristic being the fact that it was created specifically for Windows 8.1 Moreover, it supports a limited array of video formats, so if you have other types of movies you want to watch, you will need to resort to additional software.

To conclude, MetroPlayer is a useful albeit limited program, that can help you watch video files, which can prove quite handy, particularly if you wish to benefit from your operating system to the fullest.

MetroPlayer for Windows 8.1 was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 13th, 2014
MetroPlayer for Windows 8.1 - The main window of MetroPlayer allows you to easily watch your favorite AVI, MP4 or MKV moviesMetroPlayer for Windows 8.1 - The Subtitle menu enables you to activate or deactivate the display of video subtitlesMetroPlayer for Windows 8.1 - From the Size menu,you can choose to watch the video in full screen or in windowed modeMetroPlayer for Windows 8.1 - screenshot #4MetroPlayer for Windows 8.1 - screenshot #5MetroPlayer for Windows 8.1 - screenshot #6MetroPlayer for Windows 8.1 - screenshot #7