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Splash Pro is a powerful video player exclusively designed to handle HD videos and provide a bunch of other next-generation tools for the best possible video quality.

With an eye-candy and appealing interface, Splash Pro is not at all difficult to use and can easily handle HD MPEG-2, AVC/H.264, VC-1 movies and camcorder clips with minimum user input.

The application doesn’t require additional codecs and that’s indeed good news for beginners who don’t want to spend more time downloading and installing codecs.

What’s more, Splash Pro boasts a great amount of configuration options, so make sure you check all the menus to get the best possible quality.

The video configuration screen for instance lets you enable hardware acceleration, set up deinterlacing, change fullscreen display settings and format and enable video overlay. Of course, audio settings are there too, so you can easily choose a different audio system or tweak lipsync adjustment.

The so-called EcoMode is the system especially designed for laptops, preserving battery while playing any HD video. It shows battery information, including power source, expected battery life time, power consumption, battery vendor, type and wear level.

Splash Pro works like a charm on all Windows versions and even if it’s designed to handle HD videos, the impact on the overall system performance is minimal.

All things considered, Splash Pro is one of the most advanced HD video players on the market, providing impressive video quality and top-notch features to handle high-quality content. It requires minimum computer knowledge, so it can be safely used by beginners and those more experienced alike.

Splash Pro was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on April 8th, 2013
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