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Enjoy watching stereo­scopic videos and DVDs thanks to this intuitive and flexible 3D movie player that supports a variety of file formats

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Stereoscopic Player is a media player that was especially tailored to accomplish a specific task, namely that of allowing users to watch stereoscopic videos.

The user interface of the program is familiar to Media Player Classic. This means you can open a video file (e.g. AVI, MPG, ASF), image file (e.g. JPG, BMP, GIF), stereoscopic metafiles and playlists.

You can also open left and right files which are required for stereoscopic view, a specific audio file (in case the videos are silenced) and load the audio from a particular track (the left or right one).

Furthermore, you can open a DVD file and load a video from an URL, change the layout, aspect ratio, parallax and orientation. Plus, you can view and configure video properties, such as format, tiles, cropping, timing, information, preview image and filters.

In addition, you can import library files and export stereoscopic metafiles, update the video library, as well as change the viewing mode (e.g. monoscopic, dual screen output, multiview, anaglyph).

General settings can be changed when it comes to the user interface (e.g. select preferred language, clear history), playback options (viewing method, slideshow interval), decoders (preferred filters, DVD decoder), control (e.g. enable serial remote control protocol, enable serial output) and advanced options (e.g. configure proxy settings, change the stereoscopic metadata server).

Stereoscopic Player uses a moderate to high amount of system resources and indeed recognizes the formats it claims to support. However, you have to install separately the decoders in certain cases (e.g. DVD decoder), and it happened that some of the videos did not run very smoothly.

All in all, Stereoscopic Player is a good software for playing stereoscopic videos. The help file lacks, therefore beginners may find it difficult, at first, to learn how to use Stereoscopic Player.

Stereoscopic Player was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on September 17th, 2015
Stereoscopic Player - The main window of Stereoscopic Player enables users to play their 3D favorite videosStereoscopic Player - Users can specify their type of input format to make sure Stereoscopic Player processes the file correctlyStereoscopic Player - The File menu is the place where you can change the layout of your source videoStereoscopic Player - screenshot #4Stereoscopic Player - screenshot #5Stereoscopic Player - screenshot #6Stereoscopic Player - screenshot #7Stereoscopic Player - screenshot #8Stereoscopic Player - screenshot #9Stereoscopic Player - screenshot #10Stereoscopic Player - screenshot #11Stereoscopic Player - screenshot #12Stereoscopic Player - screenshot #13Stereoscopic Player - screenshot #14Stereoscopic Player - screenshot #15