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A useful, handy and reliable application whose main purpose is to easily open torrent files while they are downloaded into your system

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Most of the torrent clients available on the market generally allow you to download files without being able to preview them until they are fully downloaded. Adding more convenience to your downloads, Torrent Video Player allows you to view the current file while it is being downloaded.

Still, there are some torrent clients that allow you to preview a small sequence of the movie or video you are downloading, but often these features lack reliability.

Torrent Video Player is a practical and straightforward piece of software worth having when you need to preview the files while downloading them into your system.

Thanks to its features and intuitive interface, it can be used as a media player as well. You can open files one by one, load an entire folder or simply play files from a disc. You can use the options available in the right-click menu as well if you want to view all the media files available in the queue, open a specific folder or simply move back and forth to your favorite clip.

The menus are well-organized and allow you to access basic options effortlessly. The Playback menu helps you to navigate to a specific chapter, manage all the bookmarks and change the playback speed.

In case you want to modify specific audio and video settings, you can easily navigate to the proper menus. You are able to change the audio channels and device or the video aspect ratio and increase or decrease volume.

Moreover, you can access the Tools menu if you want to change the filters and the effects. You are able to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation effects, add a personal logo or configure the equalizer the way you want.

If you want to access the playlist and view all the available audio and video files, you can navigate to the View menu and select the proper option. You can open the stream wizard so you can convert your media if you want to use it locally, on your private network or on the Internet. You can also open the containing folder or add new files into the current playlist.

In closing, Torrent Video Player comes in handy for users who need to preview torrent files while downloading them, or play various media files with ease.

Torrent Video Player was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on December 16th, 2013
Torrent Video Player - Torrent Video Player is designed to play torrent media before the download is finishedTorrent Video Player - The Media menu enables users to open recent media files, save the playlist and convert the selected fileTorrent Video Player - You can navigate to the Playback manu if you want to adjust the media speed and jump to specific timeTorrent Video Player - screenshot #4Torrent Video Player - screenshot #5Torrent Video Player - screenshot #6Torrent Video Player - screenshot #7Torrent Video Player - screenshot #8Torrent Video Player - screenshot #9Torrent Video Player - screenshot #10Torrent Video Player - screenshot #11Torrent Video Player - screenshot #12