Toshiba HD DVD Player

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The player is a Windows-based software application that lets you view movies or other video content stored on the one of a kind HD DVDs

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Toshiba HD DVD Player addresses a certain group of users that meets a few criterias such as owning a Toshiba laptop as well as an HD DVD disc and also wanting to play it on their notebook.

First things first, the HD DVD technology is proprietary to Toshiba and was intended to replace the standard DVD format. With the first movies rolling out on HD DVD back in 2006, with The Last Samurai and Million Dollar Baby being just two of the pack, the format was already struggling by investing too many resources in a war that they have lost in the end.

This war was against the Blu-ray disc, the alternative to the HD DVD from the powerful group backing up the MIT project consisting of no other than Sony, Samsung, Philips, Panasonic, LG, Sharp, Pioneer, Hitachi and Thomson. Benefiting from such a team, the Blu-ray disc clearly won the war with the HD DVD format backing down and coming to an end in the first half of 2008.

A standard HD DVD would hold up to fifteen gigabytes of data while a dual layer disc would store up to thirty gigabytes. While this was an impressive jump from the capacity of ordinary DVD discs, the Blu-ray has hit the market with higher numbers, twenty-five and fifty gigabytes for the single, respectively dual layer discs.

The bottom line is that Toshiba HD DVD Player is slowly going into oblivion as years past and the last HD DVD discs would seize to present all the requirements needed for any player, hardware or software, to be able to actually play them so you can enjoy their contents one more time.

Toshiba HD DVD Player was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on November 18th, 2013