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A lightweight and straightforward piece of software especially created to open and play .VIV videos on your computer in a simple manner

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Vivo Player / DX is an application developed a good number of years ago with the purpose of playing .VIV media files.

.VIV is a format that can encapsulate G.723 ADPCM audio and H.264 video. This means that it can store entire movies and any other clip you wanted. It's a format that uses inter-frame coding which has a high compression rate but leads to a huge disadvantage by today’s standards, the fact that you can't seek to a location in the clip.

The most basic of GUIs

Vivo Player / DX displays by far one of the simplest players we’ve encountered and works on a very basic principle. Its interface is comprised of a small window that contains two buttons. One to open .VIV videos from a URL and the other that allows you to locate a file on your computer and play it.

Apart from that, there’s not much to speak about and it’s doubtful that the player will receive an update since its development seems to have ceased more than 5 years ago. Stopping work on Vivo Player / DX seems to be a logical step since the .VIV format has outlived its days of popularity and has disappeared from the multimedia world.

A player with some bugs in it

Even if you don’t load a file in the application it still shows you that it is capable of crashing with no apparent reason. No matter if you choose to load a URL or a file from your computer, if you change your mind halfway and click the ‘Cancel’ button, Vivo Player / DX closes just like that and you have to re-open it.

Testimony to how some things once were

All-in-all, by today’s standards Vivo Player / DX is an application that you won’t be installing on your computer just so you have a means of playing .VIV files since there are other up-to-date alternatives that can easily handle the format.

Vivo Player / DX was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 15th, 2014
Vivo Player / DX - The main window of Vivo Player/DX where you will be able to select to play a published VIV file or on from your system.