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A lightweight and intuitive application functioning in command line interface, which can easily be called a universal video player

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mplayer2 is a command-line video player that was developed from the initial MPlayer, providing you with the original functions and more, along various improvements of the project, so you can fully enjoy watching your favorite movies.

The program runs only through Command Prompt, but if you want, you can use a Graphical User Interface, as it is compatible with the GUIs created for MPlayer.

The main purpose behind mplayer2 is to offer you the ability to watch a wide array of popular and less popular video formats on your computer, without it eating up too much system resources. Despite functioning through CMD, it can easily be controlled using the keyboard and mouse, by making use of the numerous shortcuts that it offers.

As such, you can use the arrows to move backward or forward (for 10 seconds: left and right; for 1 minute: up and down), while the 'Space' key allows you to pause and unpause the movie. Using the 9 and 0 keys, you can adjust the volume of the video according to your needs, while by pressing 'm', you can completely mute it.

To toggle fullscreen, you can just hit the 'f' button, and in order to display or hide the subtitles to your movie, you can use the 'v' key, with 'x' and 'z' helping you fix any subtitle delays with a millisecond. Moreover, the 's' button lets you take a single screenshot, while the 'S' enables you to start and stop capturing snapshots continuously.

Addiitional features include the ability to adjust the contrast of the movie using the numerical keys 1 and 2, or 3 and 4 if you wish to adjust the brightness. Similarly, 5 and 6 will increase or decrease the hue levels, while 7 and 8 alter the saturation of the video.

To conclude, mplayer2 is a useful and easy to handle application that allows you to watch all your favorite videos, regardless of their format.

mplayer2 was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 13th, 2014
mplayer2 - mplayer2 will open in your command prompt enabling you to select the video to play.

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