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ALLCapture - The ultimate tool for capturing your screen in real-time






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ALLCapture lets you capture your desktop activities in real-time and create your own videos, Demos, Software simulations and Tutorials in no time whatsoever!

Here are some key features of "ALLCapture":

Recording is easy and quick
· Capture your desktop by simply pressing a button
· The recording window can be configured to meet the required size
· Full screen and multi-screen recording is supported
· Terminate the recording with only a push of a button
· Mouse cursor can be excluded from recording
· Recording of all overlapping windows and program interactions

Simple and intuitive to work on
· Uses intelligent Undo/Redo
· Size of the preview window can be determined by the user
· It is possible to make the mouse cursor invisible
· Adding, insertion, deletion and copying of Frames
· Adding Audio, pictures and animated Effects
· Length of the project can be increased for a more thorough explanation
· Preview for editing effects in real-time
· Adjustable audio quality
· The colour quality and frame rate can be configured by the user

Fast and small Demos
· Excellent compression of Demos through the programs-own compression technology
· Demos start quickly as a result of streaming technology
· Ideal for sending Demos via email
· Ideal for Integrating Demos into Websites

Special effects
· Animated objects and speech bubbles
· Numerous effects e.g. elastic band effect
· Character size and other text formats can be individually adjusted
· Various frame transitions allowing more attractive Demos
· Rich Text Editor - Pictures can be added to speech bubbles
· The display time of objects can be altered by the user
· Spotlight effect - by shading in the irrelevant parts of the video

Audio, Sound
· Recording + editing of Audio
· Importing WAV files
· Compose the complete time line in one go
· Use different sound channels for background music and speech commentary
· Insertion and deletion of Audio
· Audio-Level can be adapted so that it fits the audio in another audio track

Export Options
· Flash Demo (SWF-Format)
· ASF-Format for Windows Media Player
· MPEG for DVD, SVCD, VCD and without resolution adaptation
· Executable Demo (EXE-file)
· Codec user defined, suitable for the Video content

Additional Options
· Add author information to your Flash Demos
· Fast loading, saving and compiling
· Add-On: PanelStudio to create your own Flash- navigation bars


· PC with 1.2 GHz CPU
· 50 MB Hard disc space
· 256 MB RAM
· SVGA graphic card


· 30 day trial
Last updated on December 5th, 2007
ALLCapture - ALLCapture's main window displaying the menu, toolbars, the captured video frame and timeline.ALLCapture - The Movie menu allows you to add / insert empty frames in the movie or record new frames specifying whether they should be added or inserted in the movie.ALLCapture - The Window menu gives you the possibility to select whch toolbars you want to have visible in the main window.ALLCapture - The Dimensions tab in the Recording options lets you set the standard screenshot size from the default ones or choose a custom size.ALLCapture - The Frame rate tab allows you to define the Capturing frame rate i.e. how many times per second should ALLCapture analyze the capture are on your screen.ALLCapture - The Audio tab lets you select the audio input sources and adjust the audio quality for the sound you wish to record.ALLCapture - In the Limits tab you can specify a maximum duration in minutes for the capturing processALLCapture - The Extra tab allows you to set the delay parameter, the time that ALLCapture should wait before starting the capture.ALLCapture - The Settings tab in the Options window enables you to choose the quality of the video rendering.ALLCapture - The Object Creation Options display a Target Layer setting and allows you to specify a default time for the creation of each object type.ALLCapture - The Memory Manager tab is where you can tweak the RAM settings according to your system's resources.

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