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A small yet fully functional video capture application

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AMCap is a powerful application that can facilitate the previewing and recording of webcam and camcorder devices. The program is compatible with Microsoft DirectShow and is capable to deliver high-quality recordings.

There are a wide array of webcam recording applications in today’s market, but the best choice is always a compromise between price, ease of use and performance. One application that fits this pattern is AMCap.

This program can record both video and audio sources and features analog TV tuner support. It can work with multiple monitors and is able to compress the recordings to AVI or WMV format.

AMCap’s developers saw simplicity and ease of use as priorities when they rolled out the application, which translated (and still does) into a pleasant experience for the end user. Everything is easy to understand and follow, starting with the installation process (which requires you to press a few Next buttons) and ending with the GUI, which makes an impression though a very good management of resources and space.

The incorporated menus hold all the features that make it a keeper, while a larger area is reserved for the recording itself. Not to mention that AMCap automatically recognizes the camera (webcam / camcorder / USB camera) that is currently plugged in and starts transmitting the images that are being filmed.

The application is also able to record from an audio source, thus making it possible to produce home-made movies accompanied by sounds. Other features include alpha-blended overlay video capabilities, full screen mode, deinterlacing support, digital zoom, to name just a few.

All in all, AMCap can make the most of webcam, allowing you to record anything you want from a simple and user-friendly environment that both beginners and professionals will appreciate.

AMCap was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on December 27th, 2014
AMCap - AMCap will provide users with a small yet fully functional video capture applicationAMCap - The Options menu allows you to change the Audio format, the video capture filters and the volumeAMCap - You can navigate to the Capture menu if you want to start capturing and access the Setup windowAMCap - screenshot #4AMCap - screenshot #5AMCap - screenshot #6AMCap - screenshot #7AMCap - screenshot #8AMCap - screenshot #9

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