BroadCam Video Streaming Server

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Turn the local computer into a streaming server for both audio and video files, complete with options for protecting the content from being accessed by unwanted users

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There are plenty of utilities that can be used for streaming multimedia content over the web and one solution is BroadCam Video Streaming Server.

Specifically designed for this purpose, the application includes streaming options for both content captured with a camera as well as for regular video and audio files.

Keep an eye on the installation routine

Installing it is not a difficult process but the procedure needs to be carefully monitored because it offers to install extra components, some of them providing related functionality, others being unnecessary for the purpose and activity of the application.

The interface has an intuitive layout that allows the user to add the desired content with little effort. After adding the live video streams or regular video files there is the possibility to preview the stream.

Once the media is added it can be password protected in order to restrict unwanted users from accessing it. Also on the list of options is the ability to invite certain users to the show. This can be done by providing user details such as phone number or email address.

Invite users, minimize bandwidth impact

Another feature is checking the audience. Each entry is accompanied by IP address of the user along with the transfer speed and the content watched.

Although the options available in the program are intuitive, preparing a local file for streaming can take a while.

To enable access to the file from any computer without impacting the bandwidth of the server machine the application offers the possibility to upload the stream to the cloud.

Straightforward media streaming server

BroadCam Video Streaming Server provides a simple set of options for allowing streaming of media files over the web.

It is easy to configure and offers control over the audience by creating a list of accepted users as well as one for the ones that are denied access to the media.

BroadCam Video Streaming Server was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on August 28th, 2015
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