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Captures the action from your screen and saves it to an AVI movie

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HyperCam is a handy tool that can be used to record the actions that occur on your desktop and save them in video format. The program can be considered a lightweight desktop capture program that helps you create video tutorials with ease. The output files are AVI clips that can be opened by every media player.

In order to optimize the size of the video file the program can be configured to record the entire screen, a window or you can select the exact area that you work on. The frame can be moved during the recording to emphasize certain actions or tasks. For the main actions such as starting or pausing the recording, the application allows you to define shortcut keys and keyboard combinations.

The application is a good tool for presentations because it can record sound from the computer or from a microphone. With this option you can really explain every action at the moment that you are doing it.

If you do not want to record your voice but still need to explain the images to the viewer you can use Screen notes. These are included in the application and allow you to comment any part of the desktop. This tool is very flexible and allows you to customize every aspect of the note: font, size, screen position, background color and frame color. Even more, you can set a hot key to display a note, a timer to hide the note and a macro to insert preset items into the note’s content.

The output file can also be customized by changing the frame rate (separate for area and cursor) and selecting the video compressor that will be used. The encoder can also be customizable but we recommend that you use the default settings since in our test the quality above average.

Whether you are a professional recording a tutorial or you just want to show your friends how to play Solitaire, HyperCam is a good option for recording your desktop actions.

HyperCam was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on June 23rd, 2014
HyperCam - HyperCam will help you capture the action from your screen and saves it to an AVI movieHyperCam - The Hot Keys tab section will provide users with a list of options like Start / Stop or Pause / ResumeHyperCam - Users will be able to access options such as AVI File Name, Rate in Frames per Second or Playback within the AVI File areaHyperCam - screenshot #4HyperCam - screenshot #5HyperCam - screenshot #6HyperCam - screenshot #7

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