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Easily record activity on your screen in an adjustable area and enhance it with a watermark using this lightweight software application

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When testing software it is most of the times crucial to capture screen activity at a given moment. In case your keyboard's button dedicated to taking a simple picture does not suffice, various specialized applications such as JScreenRecorder give you the possibility to capture motion.

Set up a few setting before getting started

The application runs in a pretty compact main window, with all available features emphasized by intuitive icons. A list displays info regarding the file that is to be created, so you know just what to expect.

However, before starting the recording process, you are required to set up a few details. Except for a watermark, every other feature is mandatory. Frames per second need to be specified, desired area to record your activity, as well as a default destination for the output file.

Limited features keep it from being a pro

Other than features mentioned above, there is little else to work with. Due to poor design, you might get stuck trying to adjust the window frame for the recorder, which does not always properly capture content.

Moreover, it seems that regardless of the number of frames previously set, the output video leaves a little something to be desired. Furthermore, the only possible format to export is MP4, considerably reducing variety.

The watermark options is also poorly implemented. Unless the capture area is specified, it cannot be set. When it is defined, you can move either the watermark picture or text where needed, but moving the capture area does not keep it in position.

To end with

All in all, JScreenRecorder is only at the beginning on the long road to greatness. It brings nothing new on the block and available features tend to get in your way rather than help you out. Settings are not adjusted by default and you need to spend some time before actually recording.

JScreenRecorder was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on June 24th, 2014
JScreenRecorder - This is how you can select the video save location and the number of frames per second.

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