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MJPEG Surveillance allows you to transform your computer into a surveillance system in order to capture images from your office or another location. The application can also notify you about the detected intruders by playing a sound alert.

In order to capture the images, the application needs to be connected to a USB camera or an IP camera. It supports multiple camera types and can record images from more video devices at the same time.

You can configure each camera by specifying the image quality and the motion sensor sensitivity in order to ignore certain environmental movements. The program can capture the frames that display a movement and insert an overlay with the current time in order to identify the images.

The motion sensor splits the image into 400 areas and calculates the light intensity in order to compare it with the previous frames. The grid can be customized to ignore a part of the received image in order to avoid false alerts.

By default, the surveillance system saves all the frames to a Motion JPEG movie which enables you to review them easily with the included MJPEG player. You can also export a certain frame as a JPG image or extract a various number of frames to a new MJPEG file.

The Player can also join two movies in order to consolidate the events from different dates or locations.

Since not all users have a player that can open MJPEG files, the application also includes a video conversion tool that changes the video output type. This utility uses the codecs installed on your computer and can create WMV, AVI or MP4 files.

During our test, MJPEG Surveillance required minimal resources during the image recording and movie conversion. The interface is rather simple and allows you to add cameras and configure settings by using the context menu.

If you need to use remote cameras as a surveillance system, MJPEG Surveillance provides the right tools for the job. Since it includes capture, playback and conversion tools you should try it before looking for more complex or costly solutions.

MJPEG Surveillance was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on June 24th, 2013
MJPEG Surveillance - With the help of this application you can easily convert MJPG files to WMV, DivX or MPEG4.MJPEG Surveillance - This software provides users with the ability to load and play various MJPG recordings.MJPEG Surveillance - From this window you can add various DirectX or IP cameras and start surveilling.MJPEG Surveillance - screenshot #4MJPEG Surveillance - screenshot #5MJPEG Surveillance - screenshot #6MJPEG Surveillance - screenshot #7MJPEG Surveillance - screenshot #8

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