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Capture your screen activity to AVI file format, include mouse cursor, embed text and image watermark, as well as add date and time stamps

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Screen Recorder to AVI is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you record your screen activity to AVI file format.

Simple looks

The GUI is plain, integrating only a few options that you can tweak. You cannot access a help manual but the dedicated parameters are intuitive so you are not going to spend a lot of time configuring the entire process.

It embeds a built-in video player where you can preview the recordings directly in the main window. Basic playback controls allow you to start, pause, or stop the video. This is an ad-supported tool so it displays advertisements during its runtime.

Audio and video settings

Screen Recorder to AVI gives you the possibility to edit the AVI profile by selecting the preferred audio and video compressor.

You can specify the area that you want to capture by entering the left, right, top and bottom coordinates of the screen. In addition, you can adjust the FPS, capture the mouse cursor, select the audio device, as well as start or stop the recording process.

Text and image watermarks

Screen Recorder to AVI lets you embed text watermark in your images and alter the text in terms of font, style, size, and color. You may also add image watermarks and adjust their transparency, as well as insert date and time stamps.

Tests have shown that Screen Recorder to AVI delivers good output quality and eats up a moderate amount of system resources.

Bottom line

All things considered, Screen Recorder to AVI provides a simple software solution for helping you record your screen. However, it lacks advanced features that could help you schedule recording tasks, execute post-processing jobs at the end of the recording (e.g. shut down the computer, log off the current user), assign hotkeys, and define the desktop area that you want to capture using mouse selections.

Screen Recorder to AVI was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on March 14th, 2015
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